Issue 5 (Spring 2013)

In This Issue:

Gary: A Love Story
James Harker

Valentina Cano

I Would Like to Meet You in the Spring
Steve Klepetar

Shy Locked, Duck Season,
and Rib Cage

Gram Davies

Metaphor for Body and Soul
Richard Fein

Devi & the Soiled Nappy
D.C. Lynn

The Benevolent Providence
of God

Gene Hines

Parting Company Inc.
Steele Campbell

Mbizo Chirasha

Fallen, LunarCaustic, and
Tender Pieces of Madness II

Nicole Renée Pantano

Manifest 2, Ode to Forme 2,
and Tangled Scree 2

Pete Clarke


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Tangled Scree 2 by Pete Clarke © 2013


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